Knows Mag | Manifesto
The premier source for everything small business and startup in Ghana. Advice, insight, profiles and guides for established and aspiring entrepreneurs in Ghana.
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Knows Magazine (Knows) was created to give back to our fellow Ghanaians. Naturally, we all have people we admire. We hear about success stories in the news and on TV, and think, if only we could achieve the same.


Our culture tends to look at success and think that these high achieving individuals are different. Different in genetic makeup, perhaps have great luck, or simply just know the right people. Knows, is on a mission to alter this perception.

Knows aims to unveil the mystery of success by doing the following:

 Demonstrate to our nation that success is attainable by all

 To tell the tales of great businessmen and businesswomen

 Reveal that there is no secret to success. Only grit, a great deal of preparation, and hard work

THIS IS FOR US. Not all of us but the rest of us. Us that forge our own path and our own way of living. Us that see opportunity where others see only obstacles. Us that refuse to let our peers, or society dictate our future.

WE ARE MOVEMENT WHEN EVERYONE ELSE IS AT A STANDSTILL. We are change in a stagnant world. We are a force of reckoning. Never accepting No for an answer. We know there is no try.. there is only do.

WE BELIEVE IN THE SPECIAL KIND OF MAGIC. We believe in a higher kind of purpose. We believe that we were not put on this here earth to just pay bills and die. We believe that there is a higher destiny waiting to be seized. That there exists a little bit of “it” inside each and everyone of us just waiting to be harnessed.

We believe in servitude not ego. We pursue freedom, not financial gain. We take risks. We create. We learn. We Grow. But most importantly we Do!