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Sergio Morales and Malik Yoba - Iconic32

iconic32 – The New Way Of Doing Business

Malik Yoba and Sergio Morales. Both icons in their own respective fields, Sergio in his career as a brand strategist and business consultant and Malik as an actor, these two came together to create iconic32 a lifestyle company + innovation studio that consults individuals corporations and community organizations around branding and strategy for social good. In other words using POP culture to drive social good where POP stands for person of Purpose. Knows caught up with these two to learn more about their approach to business.

Charlton & Lola – Quitting Your Job and Landing On Your Feet

Lisa Owusu, Founder and CEO of Charlton and Lola. A lawyer on the fast track up, Lisa decided to quit her job with no clue as to what to purse or what she wanted to do next. 6 years later, Lisa owns a store on 47th Street in New York’s Diamond district as she runs her custom Jewelry design store. Knows sat down with Lisa to hear more about her inspiring journey. 

Knows Mag | Lisa Owusu | Charlton & Lola
Knows Mag | Kofi Ampomah | Adventure Junkies

Adventure Junkies – Making Travel In Africa Less Expensive

Kofi Ampomah, Founder of Adventure Junkies GH. Adventure Junkies is a luxury tour company that has taken the continent by storm. In operation since 2012, They have 2 goals. To make domestic tourism sexy and to make tourism within Africa affordable. They currently do about 11 big tours a year across the african continent and within Ghana as well. We sat down with Kofi to find out more about his vision for the African continent.

Lionheart Events – Discovering Your Passion and Turning It Into a Profitable Business

Tamara Jonah CEO of Lionheart Events. Lionheart Events is an events company that focuses on creating custom events since 2009. They focus on corporate and social events and weddings. Since their start, they have constantly pushed the envelope to become Ghana’s Top events company for a one of a kind event. Knows caught up with Tamara to find out more about how she got started and her journey to success.

Knows Mag | Tamara Jonah | Lionheart Events
knows banson

Mr. Michael Banson On How to Be Successful in Ghana By Finding Opportunities Around You

Meet the man who makes you want to keep your dreams alive, not because you have faith alone but because you are determined. Mr. Michael Banson is the co- owner of Rina’s Restaurant and a self-made man. He’s the man who began the fish-pie revolution in Abidjan and the very first “check-check” styled restaurant in the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. We were impressed to find out that the very first Radio Station and gift shop in KNUST was begun by him.

Today he drives Rina’s Restaurant with great vision, creativity and hard work. His aim is to get you coming back for something more than food: the experience!

KnowsMag[azine] met up with Michael Banson to find out how it all started and how he climbed up the ladder of success.