Knows Mag | You Will Never Be Ready But Do It Anyway
You WANT to earn money on the side, or start a company. But when you are presented with the opportunity to do so, you doubt yourself. Here is how to get past that.
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You will never be ready but do it anyway

You Will Never Be Ready But Do It Anyway

You Will Never Be Ready But Do It Anyway

You have researched about it online, among your friends. You have thought about what life would be life if you could just generate 500 to 1000 cedis extra income.

You could set your own hours…work from home (or a coffee shop… Vida Café is a good spot)…buy a round of drinks for your friends, or even send them an unexpected gift, and never worry about the cost.

You WANT to earn money on the side, or start a company.

But when you are presented with the opportunity to do so, something strange happens…

Doubt sets in. And it rears it’s ugly head in 3 ways

Doubt #1: What-If’ing

We start by questioning whether this is right for our special situation.

  • What if I don’t have a business idea?
  • What if I’m not an expert?
  • What if I don’t have a website?
  • What if I live in ____?
  • What if I try this and don’t follow through?

All of these are powerful and very real emotions. But they’re not valid reasons to avoid starting your business idea.

Notice that even though we’ve answered those questions repeatedly our mind still drifts back to What-If’ing!

The truth is, everyone who created something valuable — whether it’s an online business, a work of art, even a great speech — faced doubts like these. The difference is, they trusted themselves enough to acknowledge these doubts, then set them aside and take action.

Doubt #2: Slicing the Pie

The next doubt is the easiest and most obvious: We say, “I can’t afford that.”

This is the equivalent of saying, “I’m too busy to do ___,” when in reality, we all have the same 24 hours.

“I can’t afford that” is a phrase that’s easy to fall back on. And if it’s true — if you really cannot afford it — we respect that. It’s a substantial investment.

But consider these two things:

  • Don’t just focus on COST, focus on VALUE. What if you could make GHS10,000? GHS50,000? More?
  • The cost of missing out. Notice how the last time you invested in something, you took it seriously and followed through? What about the last time you didn’t invest? Did you do anything with it?

Your financial situation matters. But it’s too easy to fall back on “I can’t afford it.”

Instead of saying, “I can’t afford this,” if you genuinely want to start earning on the side, reframe as “How can I afford this?” Instead of spending money on “wants,” what if you decided to invest in yourself to build an asset that will grow over time?

10 years from now, would you look back and thank yourself?

Doubt #3: Alibi Hunting

This is the most curious one of all.

This is where people go hunting for alibi to use as an excuse for not taking action by asking obscure questions. e.g.: “Can i still make extra money on the side if i live in Kumasi, but only have 3 free hours on Tuesday afternoons, but not on the Sabbath, and also not on the 4th of July because I like taking my cats for a walk, plus i’m blind in one eye and have no arms?”

“Um, no,” I would say, “you probably can’t”


They were hunting for an alibi to use to not take action. And once they found an obscure reason not to join, suddenly they felt liberated to justify their inaction.

Alibi hunting lets us remain stagnant, then rewards us for staying stagnant because, of course, nothing can help us and our special situation.

Top performers take a totally different approach: They say, “Look, I know conditions are never going to be 100% perfect for me, but i believe in myself, and I’ll make it work no matter what.”

You won’t build a side business

It’s so easy to think about all the what if’s that you get overwhelmed. But no business is built overnight. When we started KNOWS, we weren’t experts. We knew nothing about running an online magazine (we still don’t). We didn’t even realize we should do a photo shoot for the cover until later on.

We made every mistake — except one: not getting started. We jumped in, we tried things, and we learned from our mistakes.

There will always be things in life where you’re never really “ready.” You’ll never be truly ready to have a child. You’ll never be ready to get married. You’ll never be ready for Dumsor.

But you still do it.

You don’t have to be ready. You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t even have to be sure.

But you do have to take the leap of faith in yourself.


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