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Lionheart Events | Discovering Your Passion and Turning It Into a Profitable Business

Welcome to Knows Mag where we interview entrepreneurs at different stages of their journey to show you that YOU TOO can follow your dream and achieve success.

We interviewed Tamara Jonah CEO of Lionheart Events. Lionheart Events is an events company that focuses on creating custom events since 2009. They focus on corporate and social events and weddings. Since their start, they have constantly pushed the envelope to become Ghana’s Top events company for a one of a kind event. Knows caught up with Tamara to find out more about how she got started and her journey to success.

In this interview, you’ll learn…

  • 00:54 how Tamara got started with planning

  • 04:12 why she decided to move back to Ghana and start a business

  • 05:31 her challenges in setting up her business in Ghana

  • 08:09 the role her brother and father played as her mentors

  • 10:30 what inspires her and why each event she does is different

  • 12:18 how she recovered and kept going through tragedy

  • 15:19 how she balances her work and family life

  • 20:10 the most unusual request she has ever received from a client

  • 21:57 what she values most about having her own company

  • 23:43 her defining moment

  • 26:05 her advice to people outside thinking about moving back to Ghana

  • 27:08 her advice to people already here




Show Notes

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