Knows Mag | iconic32 | The New Way Of Doing Business
In this interview, Sergio Morales and Malik Yoba co-founders of iconic32 discuss how they started their winning partnership and their new way of doing business at iconic32.
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iconic32 | The New Way Of Doing Business

Welcome to Knows Mag, where we interview entrepreneurs at different stages of their journey to show you that YOU TOO can follow your dream and achieve success.

Today, we interviewed Malik Yoba and Sergio Morales. Both icons in their own respective fields, Sergio in his career as a brand strategist and business consultant and Malik as an actor, these two came together to create iconic32 a lifestyle company + innovation studio that consults individuals corporations and community organizations around branding and strategy for social good. In other words using POP culture to drive social good where POP stands for person of Purpose. Knows caught up with these two to learn more about their approach to business.

In this interview, you’ll learn…

  • 1:02 how Malik and Sergio met up and decided to go into business together
  • 2:35 how Malik Yoba is like President Clinton
  • 3:21 the role creativity plays in their business
  • 4:30 how they work together and delegate work among their unique skills
  • 7:00 how they found their niche
  • 8:54 how they manage to work without losing sight of their main vision
  • 10:11 their view on focus
  • 14:13 their initial expectations on starting a company
  • 15:40 the similarity between acting and entrepreneurship
  • 20:50 they balance work life and family life
  • 23:41 the importance of going out and getting it
  • 26:30 the low and high points of being an entrepreneur
  • 29:00 their vision for iconic32
  • 33:28 their advice for people looking to start their own business




Show Notes

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