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How To Find Your Clients

Knows Mag || How to find your clients

How To Find Your Clients


A side business is basically a smaller income stream that you get on the side. It is also a great safeguard if you end up getting fired or laid off… Atleast you will still be able to eat.


Well consulting is a great way to make sure that you always have some money.


You don’t need any inventory. You don’t need a special title or education to do it. The are no barriers to entry. You can do it as and when you have time. So why do a lot of people not get into consulting?


The biggest problem people have with consulting, is finding clients.


So how do you find clients? From our experience in doing it ourselves and also in helping other people get started, you get clients by talking to people.


You don’t get clients by having a fancy logo, or by having an amazing website. There is not one person who is going to find your site and buy your services.


Yes a website is important and gives off an air of seriousness and professionalism, but what it does along with your bright shiny logo, is to make you feel like you are actually working on your business when you are not. No client ever said Let’s hire them because of their logo.


The reality is that you will rarely (we can’t say never) get clients solely off your website. YOU are going to have to do the leg work, and that’s not a bad thing.


If you talk to a lot of consultants about how they get clients, you will hear them say:


“Most of the clients I get are through referrals and personal contacts…”


Yup… that sounds about right! Unless your website or blog gets significant readership, it is very unlikely that it will be your main source of consulting clients.


People will rarely see your ad and think “LET ME GET THAT!!”


Instead, they will come to you when they actually NEED your service.


So how do you find your clients?


Level Noob:


What is a noob. A noob is a beginner. No experience. No reputation.


For example:

You want to be a photographer, but have never taken a picture of anything.

You want to be a website designer… but you have only installed a few personal blogs

You want to do video production for a movie… but your only experience is a course you took on Udemy.


You my friend are a noob. No experience. No references. No portfolio. No past success and no contacts. If you are at this level do not fear. Try and get a few jobs and work your way up to the next level.


Here are some places to start:


Getting your 1st Clients: Your personal Facebook Account:


The best place to start looking for your first client is in your OWN PERSONAL NETWORK. This is because the people in your network already know you and trust you.


Facebook groups are a great place to start and can be used to “Validate”(INSERT LINK) a concept or idea, by reaching out to your network and getting people to join.


If you manage to get people on board, then you know that you have an idea that solves a problem. If it does, you have just validated a concept without spending any money.


So what are ways you can do this?

For a Fitness business:

Going into fitness and creating a group to really evaluate what it is my target clients, moms like me really want. This is a free, goal based group:

Any one trying to keep up with fitness goals? Feel free to join this group to stay accountable with other moms!

(Insert group link)


Or Offering something for free:

5 FREE IDEAS: Send me a link to your business website and I will write you 5 free ideas for your business!

There is no downside to this because if you don’t like my ideas you can always use them to wipe your virtual ass!

However, if you do like them, they’re yours to keep and use and you don’t even have to pay  a single cent you tight ass bastard!

Link me to your business now and you can find out 5 superly insane ideas a random stranger can come up with for your business.

Doing this will allow you to collect a lot of information from your target and also to make lots  of contacts while positioning you as an expert in whichever field you chose.




Let’s say you want to start an SEO business as a consultant on the side, but you have no portfolio or proof of earlier customers.


Start on Facebook and in any one of your business groups, post this:


Want me to SEO-proof a post for you?


I’ll send you updates to make on your site for free! Send me your most popular page on your website (Google Analytics –> Behaviors –> Site Content), and I will make suggestions on how to best SEO the post. I will do keyword research on your page, then send you:


  • Title tag updates
  • Meta tag updates
  • Description tag updates
  • Which links you should add to your site
  • Tell you about any terms you should avoid using.
  • Tell you any content sections to add into your post.


Option 1.) Comment here with a link to your post, and I’ll send you all the updates you should make via a personal message.


Option 2.) If you’d like me to do ALL OF IT FOR YOU… Send me GHS 50 and I’ll do it all.  We will just need 15 minutes of time over a Google Hangout or Skype session.  This small price can often get you ranked 300% higher in the search engine results.

I look forward to helping you out!  Feel free to ask me any SEO related questions.  I’ll answer them here.


This post should generate some interest, and the rest is up to you. If you actually genuinely help people and give them good work, and reports, then you can sell them your services.


If you can get one person to say yes to you managing their SEO, then you just got your first client. And guess what, do a good job there and you will get referrals and grow your customer base.

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