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Facebook Marketing: A Guide for Beginners

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Facebook Marketing: A Guide for Beginners

Facebook is huge in Ghana 3.1 Million Ghanaians out of the 5 Million plus Ghanaians online . With such a large number of Ghanaians on Facebook, ignoring the platform is not really a smart option and Facebook is being adopted by marketers and brands in Ghana. The two big questions facing companies however is

1) how do you target these users with your marketing, and

2) how do you turn those fans into paying customers.

The good news is that Facebook has it’s own advertising platform that allows you to target individuals down to an individual person. You can target by location, interest, demographics, etc. This guide will show you the basics of how to use Facebook to reach your target audience. It is aimed at beginners, who want to start marketing on Facebook but aren’t sure how to get started or what to do.


Who’s On Facebook?

Facebook initially started out as a way for college students to find and stay in touch with each other. Today nearly everyone with an internet connection is using it. The minimum age requirement to be on the platform is 13, and goes up to 65+. The platform however has the most users within the 18 to 24 and 25 to 24 age range. The higher you go up in age, the less the number of people there are on Facebook in Ghana, but there is still an active audience for you to market to.


How Can You Get Started On Facebook?

Facebook has three main tools that are available to marketers to reach their audience on the platform. These tools are available to everybody and can be combined to create an even more effective marketing funnel.

They are Business Pages, Facebook Ads and Facebook Groups.

Business Pages:

A Facebook Business page is similar to your profile page, but it is designed for businesses, celebrities, organizations, etc. Users can follow and “Like” a page, which then means that anytime you post anything, it will show up in their news feed automatically.  The difference between a Business Page and a personal profile is that with personal profiles, you add someone, and they have to accept your request. If they don’t know you most likely, they wont. With a business page, anyone can like your page, without the requirement for you to accept it. Also, business pages, can have an unlimited number of fans as opposed to personal profile pages where you are limited to 5000 friends. Business pages are free and easy to set up.


Facebook Ads:

Facebook Ads are a great way to extend your reach past your current fan base. You can create ads that are targeted to a specific ages, education levels, device types that people are using (mobile, tablet, computer). It is a great way to generate awareness, drive traffic to your website, or just to grow your existing fan base. In Ghana, the good thing is you don’t need that much spend to make an impact, so take advantage of it while you still can.


Facebook Groups:

Facebook groups are a hybrid of Facebook Pages and Profiles. They are in structure and function similar to discussion forums. You can create groups that are open (anyone can join) or closed (people need to request to join). These groups can be related to your industry, product, a cause, etc and are a great way to reach your potential customers. Groups are free and tend to have high levels of engagement, but are also very time consuming as you have to maintain your level of engagement to keep them going.

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