Knows Mag | Adventure Junkies | Making Travel in Africa Affordable
In this interview, Kofi Ampomah, CEO of Adventure Junkies Ghana, discusses his journey and work to making travel in Africa Less expensive.
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Adventure Junkies | Making Travel in Africa Affordable

Welcome to Knows Mag where we interview entrepreneurs at different stages of their journey to show you that YOU TOO can follow your dream and achieve success.

Today we are interviewing Kofi Ampomah, Founder of Adventure Junkies GH. Adventure Junkies is a luxury tour company that has taken the continent by storm. In operation since 2012, They have 2 goals. To make domestic tourism sexy and to make tourism within Africa affordable. They currently do about 11 big tours a year across the African continent and within Ghana as well. We sat down with Kofi to find out more about his vision for the African continent.

In this interview, you’ll learn…

  • 1:02 Kofi’s background and how he started his first business

  • 3:15 how he made the transition from his first business to Adventure Junkies

  • 5:07 how he figured out the tourism business

  • 8:03 what he would do differently if he could start again

  • 9:05 the process of putting together a tour package

  • 11:55 how he chooses his partners

  • 13:14 the hardest part of running Adventure Junkies

  • 16:34 how his vision for Adventure Junkies has evolved

  • 18:55 his ultimate goal

  • 20:05 his parents reaction to him running his own business

  • 23:44 why passion is important

  • 27:51 the difficulty in finding people who share and understand his vision

  • 30:37 what advice he would give to anyone who wants to start a business

  • 33:17 his view on planning

  • 34:20 what it’s like being responsible for employees

  • 37:31 his message to viewers 




Show Notes

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